Cans/Bottles Sorting Party


Lions Dan, Joe and Penny joined forces to tackle a mound of bags full of cans and bottles on Saturday, May 28th. They successfully sorted all of them in preparation of taking them for recycling. The job was done in 2-1/2 hours and before the rain started in earnest. Final tally โ€” 27 bags of cans and plastic bottles, 27 boxes of glass bottles. Recycling is one of the most consistent ways the Lions earn money to be able to better serve the La Pine community.

3 thoughts on “Cans/Bottles Sorting Party”

  1. So glad we are getting this project going again. Last year we were able to support the ROTC with our collection of cans. Rumor has it there were over $6000 worth of cans that allowed them to go to their leadership weekend. Way to go. Supporting our youth in leadership development doesn’t just feel good, it is an investment in our future!

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