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Old eyeglasses, hearing aids, cell phones, and toner cartridges — we want yours!ย 

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Our Mission

La Pine Lions are a group of service-minded men and women who are interested in doing volunteer work to improve our community.ย 

To become a Lion is to become an active volunteer, a leader in your community and a friend to people in need.


Scheduled Meeting times:
2nd Thursday — Business Meeting
*Meal is available for purchase. Please do not bring your own food.ย  Arrive early to place your food order. Thank you.ย 
Moose Lodge at 12:00 p.m.
52510 Drafter Rd, La Pine, Oregon
2nd Wednesday — Board of Directors Meeting at 9:00 a.m.
Community Center
16405 1st Street, La Pine, Oregon
All members are welcome to attend
3rd Tuesday — Social Meetings (locations/times vary)
4th Wednesday — Board of Directors and Global Action Team/Club Committees when required, at 9:00 a.m.
16405 1st St, La Pine, OR

Explore Our Global Causes

Every journey begins with a single step. One act of service, one encouraging word, one gift of generosity is often all it takes to bring hope where itโ€™s needed most.

Over the last 100 years, the kindness of Lions and Leos has multiplied across borders, oceans, and continents. With over 1.4 million members, we now have an opportunity to truly change our world.

Thatโ€™s why weโ€™re uniting our global service around five areas of need. These Global Causes present significant challenges to humanity, and we believe itโ€™s our turn to meet them.

Explore Our Local Causes

The La Pine Lions are a diverse group of men and women from all walks of life working together for the betterment of our community.ย  Each year, the La Pine Lions Club sponsors activities and fundraisers to support the ongoing needs of our community, bringing hope to many in need.

Vision screening for school children
Providing eye and hearing exams; eyeglasses and hearing aids for those less fortunate
Recycling eyeglasses, hearing aids and cell phones

Boy Scout sponsor
Flags for First Graders

Scholarships - Secondary education, Camps

Support the community kitchen and St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry by transporting and delivering food

Environmental/Community beautification -- Put a Shine on La Pine, tree planting and road clean-up
Cans For A Cause program supports various community service projects

Diabetes Foundation
Conduct and support local and large-scale efforts in the control and treatment of diabetes through education, prevention and research

Service Oriented!

Think of giving not as a duty, but as a privilege


Lion men and women in service are committed to accomplishing far more together than would be possible individually.


Lions provide young people with opportunities for achievement, learning, contribution and service, individually and collectively, through sponsorship of activities.


Lions are involved in environmental projects bringing entire communities together in service while protecting and beautifying the earth.


Lions community outreach programs provide resources to plan service activities focused on the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of their communities.